I Alway’s Get Late…♥

I Always Get Late..!!                                                Need To Talk Him..                                                      Tu Fulfill the promises or wish..                                Have To Call Him AND Wan’t Him Back..               《 I Always Get late…!!》

✖  I Always Get Late..!!                                                 In Helping Or to be the Helping..                             Or to be There to Meet Him..                                         《 I Always Get late..!!》

✖ I Always Get late..!!                                                   In the Changing season..                                             To Remembering..                                                         And To Forget Someone..                                                     《 I Always Get Late..!!》

✖  I Always Get Late..!!                                               I Have to safe Someone From death..                       Reality and Something..                                              I Wan’t To Tell You About It..

《 I Always Get Late..!! 》 (:

A Poem by : Munir Niazi 👍

73 thoughts on “I Alway’s Get Late…♥

  1. You have a most creative way to express yourself. I love the way you stagger your writing and intersperse it with images and words further adding to the dimensions of your thoughts. I agree wit you all the way – right now and too late are the only times and we do tend to worry after the latter. Excellent!!!!

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  2. I understand, girl. I always feel like either out of fear, or out of apathy or busyness (usually both), that I miss out on something I should have done, something Jesus led me to.
    But He does not give up on us… seek Jesus, He Loves you, He died on the cross so that even when you do make a mistake, God is not holding that against you if you believe that Jesus is Lord and that He did what He did to take away your sin. Jesus Loves you, girl, and I love you too!!!


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    1. Annalee My friend!! Indeed your each word are so true and right 😇 I am so blessed to have a Friend Like you and I love you more unconditionally Thank you for all your support by emails by comment you are love ❤


  3. You know beautiful, even though once it passes and it’s irrelevant and we can’t get it back, time is something that can be made. So if we can make time, can we really be “ to late” to do something I ask? It may not get done at a certain time but what’s to say were to late if it gets completed, does the results change? Is being late a bad thing? Sometimes waiting for love as opposed to those who rushed into it ends up happier.❤️. You never know how the hands on a clock will clap, all I do know is that I love your post “time and time” again😍. You are never to late for me, you’re always on time❤️❤️! Remember, every end isn’t an end, it’s just a new beginning and that’s why you’re never late lovely.❤️. Take care🌹

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    1. This is so sweet of you Roy! Thank you for your kind words And appriciation but man I am always get late!! (: haha! & yeah I like it you mention “you are never to late for me” Roy Thanks So many (: May God bless you (:

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