HumanBeing Can only Dream💫

💭 Yes Human Being Can only Dreams ..!!               What is going to happen in life is only Allah knows better. 💫

🌠 Allah knows everything that will happen. The first thing that He created was the “pen” and He ordered the pen to write. The pen wrote until it had written everything that would happen. And then Allah began to create the universe. All of this was already known to Him before He created it. He does have absolute and total control at all times. There is nothing that happens except that He is in total control of it at all times.

💫  Every person has moments in life that may be called difficult. Most people who live away from the moral values of the Qur’an experience these moments with feelings like discomfort sadness and boredom. In such environments, these people display attitudes like aggressiveness, tension and a disputatious attitude. The reason for these reactions is that they do not have faith in Allah and the perfection of the destiny He created. The reasons, which prevent these people seeing the goodness behind these events..

💫 A person is subject to a continuous trial throughout his life; nothing happens by coincidence. If a person cannot grasp this fact and thinks that events take place independent of Allah, then he is greatly mistaken. This is because all things that happen through the course of life are a test Allah created especially for this person, and this person is held responsible for his reactions and behaviors. His behaviors and morals will determine his condition in the hereafter. The knowledge that everything great and small could not happen by coincidence and all of them are incidents Allah has created in that person’s destiny is one of the most important truths that he should always keep in mind. As long as a person do not forget this truth he would never forget that everything he faces is good for him because everything happens by Allah’s leave. In this case people should first bear in mind that the life of this world is a place of trial in order to “see the best” in everything… 🌠💞

💫 Allah tests every person with different events and people in many ways. However it is important to point this out ; Allah has infinite power and He is very merciful (Al-Halim) to His servants; He does not give His servants a trial that is beyond their power. This is a promise made by Allah:

“We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand. With Us there is a Book which speaks the truth. They will not be wronged.”

 (Surat al-Muminun 62)

💫 Allah Creates Every Incident for the Best Advantage of His Servants😇

💫 However, Allah has granted people countless blessings. He shows His kindness to people with blessings from birth till death. Therefore believers take Allah as a friend and guide, trust and submit to Allah even if they do not understand the wisdom of something they are faced with and endure in knowing that a good result will surely come out of it. No matter what the situation is, they do not rebel or complain. They know that even in the case of fatal situations it will turn to their advantage in the end. And every difficult thing they have faced will be a vital and crucial turning point that will help save them in the hereafter, by Allah’s leave. As revealed in the verse “…It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know. (Surat al-Baqara, 216)

 ❤ Allah Knows everything that will happen, but we don’t. That is why the test is fair..

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