Confused! 🔥🔥

Hiding your feelings from everyone works only if the feelings are temporary and not likely to affect other aspects of your life. For instance, if you are angry at your parents for grounding you, but you know that you will get over it soon, you can choose to ignore and hide those feelings from everyone.

However, what you don’t have control over are other people’s opinions, behaviors, and words.

People will at times say and do things that will hurt you. However, often these things have nothing to do with you but are rather based on people’s own insecurities and personal problems.

Given this, it’s imperative that you don’t take things personally, and instead practice detaching yourself from these emotional experiences (yeah I know that)

But I can’t hide my feelings ♥

Umaima is a simple girl who hides a thousand of feelings or pain behind the happiness smile.. 🙃🙃

It’s quite funny when your family or you friends give you this type of complements👏

Umaima is the happiest girl of this world, Umaima in any situation why you don’t cry , why everytime you laugh, Are you gone mad ,you are cool girl be like that >< Such fuc**** 😲😲😲 I am annoying form your compliment’s I am not what I show.. ( Why you don’t people understand)😣

• You just know Umaima Not her Story so please keep your mouth shut (:

Dear my WordPress Family after so long time I post but seriously I know what kind of situation I am facing And you guys are my love my family my everything you guys are my strength ❤🙃

• Before this blog i am so frustrated but now I am smiling yeeeeeah👍

#Stayblessed #Stayyou (:


44 thoughts on “Confused! 🔥🔥

  1. Oh I’m so sorry dear, you’re being hurt but you can’t show it. Me too. There is nothing much we can do, except hide it and keep pretending. Sister be strong. One day you’ll shine.
    In the meantime if you want to talk please use my contact page or leave m your mail.
    Love 💖💕

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  2. Ahh, there’s my firecracker…my pretty little painting.❤️. You know, they say hiding feelings isn’t the way to go because if you don’t confront a situation with the right emotion, we’ll never know how to handle that situation when it keeps happening. If something makes you mad, embrace that anger, only then you’ll learn how to control it. You are like me beautiful, you are not pretending to be happy, you have the art of suppression. You don’t let people or things get you mad, pretending is to be fake, I don’t think you are, you are genuine but you just suppress feelings and there’s nothing fake about that.💕❤️. You think a Joker smiles all the time? The card says he does🃏, but we know the deal. You’re not confused, that’s what they want you to think. I think you know where you are😉. I’d follow you before I’d follow a road map. Lead the way, let’s both be confused!😍❤️

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  3. Umaima so many people loves you girl like this is way I read one blog in my list and that blog some one writed for you like I am so glad 😇 you are such an angle be live like that and see people loves you loads.. stop been Confused Just enjoy your moments May Allah pak bless you Girl with loads of Happiness Ameen ❤

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart and yeah I read it that blog too that is such an amazing Blog And his love for me.. I am thankful to Allah he blessed me the lovely WordPress family like you I never know anything about you guys but I feel happy I am smiling whenever I read your comments your mails.. Thank you for your unconditionally love.. And may Allah pak bless you too Angle❤

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  4. I used to be this way, Umaima. I used to think that being emotional, “soft-hearted,” and feeling things was a disgusting thing and I tried my best to be a rock to everyone, and suppress the pain myself– tried to “just be strong.”
    Do you know what Jesus told me as I was worshiping Him and praying? He said, “They (other people) don’t have to understand you, be still. Wait, and know that I (Jesus, who is God) understand you, be still. Be still.”

    Jesus set me free with His Love… the truth is that no one else needs to understand me, my pain, or my story. He does, and that is all I need. There is no “keep being strong,” He wants us to come to Him honest in our brokenness so that He can fix us! There is nothing we need to do to receive His love and healing, we just need to believe that He is who He says He is, and that He washed our sin away when He died on the cross and rose to life again! That is all– I am set free, forever alive! And always Loved by my Jesus. ❤

    I barely know you Umaima, but I've been where you are and I tell you the Truth: only Jesus can set you free from the confusion and self-hatred, and set you free to be the beautiful person He made you to be! I am praying for you and say all these things not to sell you some religion, but because Jesus Loves you and I do too.

    Your Friend,

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    1. Annalee My Loving friend indeed your each word are so Right but some time we can’t manage the things we lose our patiences and this is the situation I am going on I lost my everything but I still hope I alive because of my me because of God because he give me this life who the he’ll I am to destroy it but some times seriously I feel like there’s no one I just stand up front of mirror and seeing myself and asking so many questions I am crying no one can listen I am screaming but in the end i am only one who cheer up myself I learn one thing Annalee from my life there’s no one to be with you on your bad time and there’s no one you trust in this world and there’s no one who deserve your love Only God ❤ Can help me to heal my pain and One day I’ll be okay and I know that and you are the first I tell yeah Annalee your friend is okay now And Thank you so much You always Be with me Thank you Thank you you are a blessing for me Annalee Trust me❤ Your mails I love most whenever I read I feel very different and now your here Your comment 😇😇 Thank youuuuuuu May God Bless you & yes I love you too much actually more than ❤💫

      Your Friend,

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